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Your Tax Deduction

Your Tax Deduction

Change your world

Change your world

Donate Your Car to Charity

  • Get that vehicle off your hands now – with zero hassle
  • Donate to a cause that’s important to you
  • Receive tax benefits for this year!
  • Doing good, FEELS good!

Donate your car to Riteway Car Donations, The Car Donation Specialist!

We provide NEXT-DAY pick-up of your car donation whether your vehicle is running or not, and accept all types of vehicles for donation throughout California. Even if you have missing or incomplete paperwork, don’t hesitate to call Riteway Car Donations about your vehicle donations; car, truck, van, motorcycle, RV or boat donations of all kind gladly accepted (RV’s may have certain criteria).

Charities that accept car donations include...


Where Is the Best Place To Donate My Car For A Tax Deduction?

You may choose to have your car donation benefit any charity of your choice (local school, church or other philanthropic cause), OR select any of the hundreds of charity organizations we personally represent on our Supported Charities page.

We make the donation process as easy as possible. We handle all the paperwork and the sale of your vehicle, but we do not charge the charity any commissions or a percentage of the donated car sale. We only charge a modest fee, and the charity receives 100% of the net proceeds. Our record with the California State Attorney General’s office (Table 6) speaks for itself, showing that Riteway Car Donations consistently gives 70%+ back to the charities. No other commercial fundraiser can say that.

If you’re ready to donate, start by filling out the online donation form or call (888) 250-4490 to speak to one of our car donation specialists.

If it’s experience you require to handle your donated vehicle, rely on Riteway Car Donations, one of California’s oldest & largest car donation programs benefiting local California charities.

What are donors saying?

  • Childrens Hospital LA

    Value as it arrived:

    We improved it...Tax deduction to donor:

    got more value

    ”I have never received one complaint about your services or procedures over the past several years of our professional relationship. Your company has demonstrated unusual courtesy. We applaud your professionalism and we know that we can trust you with our donors.”

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What happens when you donate a car to charity?

In simplest terms, your car is converted to cash for your favorite charity. At Riteway Car Donations, we improve virtually every vehicle – such as how it looks, and how it runs – to maximize the value of your gift. Not all vehicle donation programs are the same. Our approach results in the highest tax deduction for you. Here's what makes us different: READ MORE