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Education and Alumni Car Donation Programs

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Who benefits from my car donation to education or the arts?

car donation other easyAs nice as it feels to upgrade to a new car, it’s a bonus to know that the car you no longer need can make a difference for a favorite charity. You can share your passion for a cause, draw attention to what you consider important – all with the value of a car you don’t need.

A car donation to the arts can grant more talented students the opportunity to learn. You can make a car donation to a school foundation or PTA. You can donate a car to a university or your child’s private school, or make a car donation to a booster club at the local high school.

Want to support your alma mater? Make a car donation to your alma mater. Donating a car to your college today to create a stable economy tomorrow.


Can I make a car donation to a music nonprofit?

Are you a musician? Or are your children in a music program you’d like to see thrive?

A vehicle donation to a music organization can make a difference for a child from a low-income home. Help a nonprofit car donation other fastmaking the connection between music and academics. Some centers place low-income preschool children on the road to literacy and success by empowering their educators to use the arts to teach academic skills.

Donate a car to support your local symphony and continue hundreds of years of cultural enrichment plus stimulate the brain. According to studies, music performance contributes to better motor behavior, learning and memory.

Can I donate a car to support a clean environment?

Man’s responsibility for the environment is at the core of many nonprofits, including groups that promote proper disposal of electronics, reducing roadside pollution and cleaning up the air.

car donation other value Your charity car donation for the environment can go to nonprofits reducing gas emissions.  You pick which one!

If you follow the reports from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) closely, you probably know there are local and global organizations working toward the purpose of cleaner air for citizens – and the next generation.

Can I donate a car to my fraternal organization?

Do you cherish the memories you have from your college days in the Greek system? Or are you currently a part of a community club?  A sense of community is valuable throughout all stages of life, and there’s no better way to make friends than to stand side-by-side in the work of philanthropy. Would you like to contribute to your club or association with more than just sweat equity?

Donate a car to whichever organization you belong to, allowing more students to get scholarships and more needy families to get gift baskets at Christmas.

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Can I donate a car to a radio or TV station?

Public access to radio and television airwaves/cable has been important since the mid-20th century. And these entities get little support, if not for listenerscar donation other charity and viewers who share the wealth.

Aside from well-known shows from the Public Broadcasting System like “Sesame Street,” a donation to PBS can play a part in bringing successful original programming.

Are you a National Public Radio listener?  You can also donate a car to KPCC – 89.3, which is the Southern California Public Radio station, where hosts explore issues both local and global.


How can I donate a car to other nonprofit groups?

car donation other freeIt’s exactly the same as with the nonprofit groups listed above. If you have a favorite charity, let us know and your car donation to the charity you choose will receive a nice check to go along with your tax benefit.

Want to put men and women to work? You can donate a car to Goodwill. Another opportunity to provide career training is a Salvation Army car donation. When you donate a car to the Salvation Army, you provide funds for rehabilitation, job training and spiritual support.

When you’re ready to upgrade or downsize, let us know and your car donation to a community program can get underway.

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