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About Us
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Riteway Car Donations is a family owned, Los Angeles-based fundraiser. We have over 25 years experience handling car donations. We are relied upon by hundreds of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, both local and statewide, to handle their fund raising programs through auto donations. We help all our supported charities receive the maximum benefit possible on each and every car donated.

Riteway Car Donations strives to make a difference. We represent hundreds of charities, and each of their missions is equally important to us. Every vehicle donation is turned into funding for a particular charity and that charity’s particular and amazing goal. Whether the charity’s goal is finding a cure, a meal, a job, or a home Riteway makes each goal a little bit easier to reach. Nothing is more satisfying than receiving Thank You’s, such as these. They truly are a heartwarming reminder of the work we do and the causes we represent.

If you wish to donate your vehicle, please use our online form. If you need assistance or have more questions about the car donation process, please contact us at 1-888-250-4490.

What sets us apart

1.  We make your car look and run better.

2.  We detail it - then retail it. To someone who’ll love it.

3.  You’ll get a 25-50% higher tax deduction*.

And we make it easy. Really easy.

Our Values

Service Excellence

We work to provide quality at every step, to every donor and partner -- to be fast, simple, clean and timely. We constantly seek to understand the needs of those who count on us, and to exceed your expectations.


We say what we think.  We do what we say. We are trusted because we are honest and dependable. We strive to align our beliefs with our every action.


We seek to model cheerful, generous giving in our own lives. We express our gratitude freely, and expect to see lives changed as a result of philanthropy and generosity.


We never say, “It’s not my fault,” or “It’s not my job. We take responsibility for meeting commitments — personal ones as well as those of the entire organization. We own the results.


We work together. We genuinely care for and support both our donors and our charity partners.

Continuous Improvement

We add value* to everything we touch, and we maximize the benefits others receive. “How can we do this better?” is our daily motto. We systematically keep making every step simpler, quicker, better.

What’s our Mission?

To make it fast and easy for you to donate your car to your favorite charity. And to make it easy for your favorite non-profit to get the biggest bang from your vehicle donation.

What’s our Vision?

To make it so rewarding for you to donate any vehicle that you’ll want to give again and again. And to tell others. We add value*, so that your favorite charities will be able to do even more of what they do best – help others.