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How can I donate a car for my congregation?

car donation faith freeYour faith is fueled by that still, small voice at your very core. Is it your goal to share that essence with others? Perhaps you know that if more people could experience that sense of purpose, their lives would be forever changed. Did you know that with the simple act of donating a car to your place of worship or favorite faith-based organization, you can be an agent of change -- bringing to others the gift that you hold so dear?


You have the power to create a new life, and contribute to a better world by sharing what it means to be a person of faith. So when it’s time to get a new vehicle, the opportunity to donate your older car to your church or synagogue may be knocking at your heart. At Cars2Charities, we improve the “as is” value of your old model and work to maximize the net proceeds from your car donation to whichever temple or church you choose. Or if you prefer, we can channel your car donation to a broader organization such as Catholic Charities or other faith-based nonprofit group. (Charities reimburse the cost of towing, improvements, and handling as we maximize your value and their net proceeds.)


Can a Christian Car Donation be directed toward my local church?

Yes – the car you no longer need can benefit any IRS-tax-exempt organization you choose. A church car donation makes sense for many of us, and you choose where the money goes. That’s the beauty of our program. We do all the work, while your place of worship gets the benefit!


For instance, let’s say you want to direct your car donation to Saddleback Church. Simply call or complete the quick and easy form. All it takes is 3-5car donation faith fast minutes. We then spring to action to handle all the details. We arrange for convenient towing, we improve and market your vehicle (depending on value and location), and provide a nice check to Saddleback Church. Did you know this can help meet your commitments toward a giving campaign, while maximizing your tax deduction?


We’re happy to complete the process for Christian car donations to a church or any denomination you request. Do you want to make a difference on a Christian college campus? Why not give a car donation to Biola University? Or to YOUR favorite congregation or university.


Does a Jewish car donation support my local temple or synagogue?

Yes – absolutely! When you call or donate online, our fast & easy process gears up to get you the best car donation tax deduction. We pick up your vehicle donation when and where you choose, and maximize your gift with our 16-point inspection. We make selective improvements to optimize the sale price wherever it makes sense, then market the car and set the net proceeds to whichever organization you pick.


Whether you donate a golf cart to a temple or other nonprofit, or make a car, truck or SUV donation to a Jewish charity, we handle every detail -- including the DMV paperwork and title transfer. You don’t have to take pictures, list it on eBay, wait for Craigslist buyers, or have anything to do with the DMV.



Will Catholic Charities donation  accept boat & RV donations?

car donation faith valueYes – just like our process for selling your car and directing the net proceeds of your car donation to the Catholic Church, if you make a recreational vehicle donation to your church or any other religious institution, we make it all quick and hassle-free.


You can donate a motorcycle to your local church, or an ATV you no longer use. Do you play water sports or go camping? If it’s been a long time since you’ve hit the water, you can donate a boat to most Christian or Jewish organizations to share the beauty of your faith, and provide help and encouragement to those in your community.


We also pick up RV donations, along with camper donations for a temple or other nonprofit. Do you have a golf cart that no longer runs? A golf cart donation to your house of worship can provide a tidy vehicle donation tax deduction, and may save you a lot of money in battery replacement.


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How can a car donation to a faith-based organization help others?

There are so many Christian car donation charities that promote a life of service to others. When you make a car donation to the Salvation Army, car donation faith easyyou’re supporting Christian missions, including prison ministries, adult rehabilitation and combating human trafficking.


The stories of transformation from an organization like Teen Challenge may inspire you to direct the value of your faith-based car donation to help young adults recover from a life of addiction. St. Vincent De Paul car donations are working to end poverty and suffering in every ethnic and cultural corner of the world.


Jewish car donations are possible in so many ways. A vehicle you no longer need can help build more hospitals and libraries, or provide children’s to the Jewish communities – for example through the United Jewish Communities Federation. The Jewish Federation touches more Jewish lives than any other organization in the world.


Does car donation to a faith-based organization provide a tax deduction?

car donation faith charityYes, it does – whether you donate a car to a synagogue or church or other faith-based nonprofit, you get a tax deduction for the full sale price of the vehicle. And with Cars2Charities, you get the added benefit of our process which seeks to maximize that sale price. Because of the enhancements we typically make to donated vehicles, your car, truck, SUV, or RV donation to your church or synagogue tend to be 25%-50% higher than the “as is” value of the vehicle. Both you and the non-profit you choose will receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, to you can expect full transparency.


To have faith is to have wings. The car you no longer need can give someone new wings when you support Christian car donations, Jewish car donations, by giving your older vehicle to your church, synagogue, temple or other faith-based organization.


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