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Featuring art made from salvaged engine parts,
alongside works on canvas & fine art photography.
KAABOO Del Mar, Contemporary Art Fair
Space G04

Sept. 15 – 17, 2017
Curated by Shawni Groves,
Co-curated by Lauren Deutsch

1 KAABOO EXHIBITION BANNER(Scroll through to see images taken during the three-day music, art, culture & festival.
All photos by Shawni Groves)

This past September, Los Angeles based commercial fundraising company, Riteway Car Donations, Inc., held their first benefit art show entitled: “Recycled Vroom-Vrooms” at KAABOO Del Mar 2017, in San Diego, CA. This inaugural benefit exhibition featured exclusive works of art made from salvaged automotive parts, in addition to works on canvas, limited edition prints on recycled bamboo paper, fine art photography and 3 exclusive neons.

RVV 5Image above from  left to right: Cat Hothan, "Music 'til I Die", Kelly "RISK" Graval, "Stay Gold" & "Engine 4", 
Andrea LaHue, "Philadelphia Freedom",  Erwin Recinos, "Green Impala",  & Andrea LaHue, "Old Fashioned Garden".

The exhibiting artists were, Andrea LaHue aka Random Act, Man One, Cat Hothan, Erwin Recinos, Shannon Logan and Kelly "Risk Rock" Graval . Andrea, Risk Rock and Man One are all known for creating works inspired by a love for travel, and anything with a gas, or electricity fueled engine.

1 ANDREA LA HUE OUTDOOR LIVE PAINTINGArtist Andrea La Hue, prepping to paint the blank canvas, salvaged car hood.
The finished untitled salvaged car hood, & flower map, painted live during KAABOO Del Mar.

1 Silent AuctionA few images from the KAABOO KINDNESS Silent Auction
Part of the RCS+SP: Print Series 1.
Left: "Space Bowie", Cat Hothan, Center: "Rock Wings" by Colette Miller, donated by Sugar.Press.
To the right: "People of Color" by Man One

The festival goers, collectors and bidders loved the fun theme of transportation and the purpose of the show that benefits four charities, Surfrider Foundation, Voices for Children, ASYMCA, and MusiCares.

SILENT AUCTION 1 Inside the Silent Auction KINDNESS tent. These volunteers each represented their charities throughout the 3-day festival.
100% of the auction proceeds from the items donated exclusively by Riteway Car Donations & Sugar Press, were split between ASYMCA, Surfrider Foundation, MusiCares and Voices for Children.

Recycled Vroom-Vrooms” was the only benefit art exhibition at this year’s KAABOO. All proceeds from the sale of art were split between the respective artists and 4 charities mentioned. In addition to the art fair exhibition, Riteway Car Donations also participated in the KAABOO KINDNESS Silent Auction held at the three-day festival.

RVV 4Forefront:
Kelly "Risk" Graval, "Stay Gold" girl, Mixed media, neon on cans on modified wagon
pulled by cast “Stay Gold” girl. Upper left to right: Man One "Man on Car",
Cat Hothan, "Space Bowie" & "The Dentist", Erwin Recinos, "For the Kids" & "Yellow Truck", Cat Hothan, "Hot-Air Steam Punk".

Los Angeles based Artisan fabricator, Shannon Logan built and designed an outdoor flowerpot floorlamp, using a found tire, hubcap, spare auto parts, and a beehive shaped lampshade, in addition to two kitschy collectible lunchboxes featuring 2 different motifs. Inside were hats and sunglasses donated by Redlands, CA based accessories company, Headchange.com

1 Collage Shannon Logan and HeadchangeFun, recycled functional art and handmade artisan works by Shannon Logan.
Accessories donated by Headchange.

Riteway also partnered with L.A. based print publisher, Sugar Press, and launched “RCS+SP @ KAABOO17: Print Series 1”. The featured artists are: photographer, Erwin Recinos, and artists, Cat Hothan, Man One and Andrea LaHue.

ERWIN RECINOS ALL 4 PHOTOS COLLAGELimited edition 1/10 photographs by Los Angeles based film photographer, Erwin Recinos.
From left to right: "For the Kids", "Classically Parked", "Yellow Truck", "Green Impala".

The remaining limited edition prints are available to purchase and can be viewed at: Sugar.Press. Each hand signed and numbered archival pigment artwork, is printed on sustainable Bamboo Paper, and sealed with the official Sugar Press chop mark. 1/3 of the net proceeds from the sale of each limited edition will be split and donated to the 4 KAABOO KINDNESS charities.

RVV 8Forefront: Man One, "Man on Car", Aerosol paint on car hood with automotive clear coat, Below (right to left): Erwin Recinos, "Classically Parked", Andrea La Hue, "Philadelphia Freedom", Kelly "Risk" Graval, "Engine 4", One Shot enamel screened on five floating separate plexi glass panels, on aerosol, acrylic, and kandy car painted canvas with crushed abalone.

Riteway Car Donations, Inc., is a family owned Los Angeles-based commercial fundraising company, specializing in a nationwide Vehicle Donation Program. Since the mid-90’s they’ve offered a unique way to assist non-profit organizations across this Vehicle Donation Program. Riteway Car Donations strives to make a difference, by representing hundreds of charities across the United States in addition to, facilitating thousands of individual vehicle donations, generously donated by people living in all 50 states.

RVV 9A closer photo of works by Cat Hothan, Kelly "RISK" Graval, Andrea LaHue and Erwin Recinos.

This inaugural foray into a different arena of commercial fundraising proved successful at KAABOO Del Mar, 2017. The family-owned company will be incorporating more benefit art shows into the 2018 calendar. For more information, please contact Curator and Director of Charity and Public Relations, Shawni Groves by email at: Shawni@RitewayDonations.org. To learn more about the Vehicle Donation Program, please visit: www.ritewaycardonations.org, or give them a call at: (888) 250-4490.
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