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Auto Auction Los Angeles

You’ve been saving your money and the time has come—get out and shop for a new used car! It’s exciting!

But what’s the best route to find one that fits your budget, runs well and is easy to find?beverly hills

Auto auctions in L.A. are really popular for car shoppers today. Do you want to look over a variety of vehicles at one time? This is a great chance to do that.

Why should I buy from an auto auction in Los Angeles?

First of all, you can get really good deals. What you don’t get at auction is the high prices added on by dealers or the AutoTrader or Craigslist seller who thinks their 2005 Escalade is still worth $30,000.

Second, it’s convenient. It’s one-stop shopping—no schlepping from one car lot to another. You don’t have to go to the Kia dealer and see what’s available, then drive across town to the Honda dealer, then the used car lot on Main Street, etc.

Third, you don’t have to deal with sketchy people. It can be downright unsafe out there! Not to mention creepy—you’re exchanging personal information with someone who might not actually even have a car.Family together

If you’ve never navigated the waters of buying a car at auction in L.A., we can get you there! We’ve got a great system—you can simply contact us at Riteway Car Donations, by calling 888-250-4490 or check our auction page online, and you can start checking out the vehicles on auction in Los Angeles. And that means “checking out” vehicles without someone following you all over the lot or a slimy private seller hiding the wreck the car was in. http://www.ritewaycardonations.org/auction-info

So, what do we do at Riteway?

We’ve got cars and trucks at auction in Los Angeles, which you can look at online, plus you get time to walk around and see what’s there the day of the auction.

How do car auctions in L.A. work?

It’s kind of like the advantage of a department store over a tiny boutique. You get a smorgasbord to feast your eyes on the possibilities and narrow down your choices. Are you looking for a Ford F-150? Or a Volkswagen? Or maybe you want something with a rear spoiler or a 7-seater.

At Riteway Car Donations we have a system you’ll really like.

It’s super simple! And totally free!

Every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. we at Riteway Car Donations hold an auction for our cars at 11303 San Fernando Road in San Fernando, California. You can come at 8:30 a.m. to walk around and look at all the vehicles to decide which one(s) you might be interested in.

Are you a dealer? Specifically, do you carry pre-owned cars? A lot of dealers buy from us because they know what they’re getting: safe, dependable, honest atmosphere always with a great collection of cars.

And because the sellers have donated their cars to be auctioned for charity, you get fire sale prices—it’s ridiculous how low they are for what you’re getting. You’ve got big-hearted sellers who want to promote a non-profit, so they give up their car for the cause.

We’re a family-owned business and we’ve been in the car industry for over 30 years, right here in Los Angeles. Buy a car at an L.A. auction through Riteway Car Donations and we walk you through, so you aren’t in the dark.give mother daughter heart

Our staff is always friendly and upbeat—let us guide you. We want you to be 100% satisfied! Our auction cars in Los Angeles are in better condition than if individuals sold them on their own, because we’ve got a team of experts who check over every donation car. We bring donation cars up to snuff before sending them to the floor for you to see.

And did we already mention just how low our prices are? Are you looking for a car because you’re done with your tired set of wheels? Consider a car donation to charity!

Completely free—we tow away your old car to make room for the new one. You get to pick the non-profit that benefits, plus we send you all the work for your tax write-off.

What are donors saying?

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Why should I buy from donation car auctions in Los Angeles?

I’ll bet when you were sitting in the repair shop (for the tenth time!) and made the decision to get rid of your car, you didn’t think much about helping those in need.

Or the day you finally got tired of the rips in the driver’s seat or you really, really wanted to listen to XM radio and realized you need an upgrade, nobody else was on your mind.

But now that you’re ready to pull the trigger, what do you think about this idea?

The car you buy will put money into a 501(3)(c) non-profit charity. That’s right—at Riteway Car Donations we sell donation cars at L.A. auction houses. What we’re doing is making everybody win: You get a new used car, the seller gets a tax break, and a charity gets a check!kids youth pants

Do you have one of those “socially acceptable” reasons for casting off your old wheels? You know, like you’re being environmentally responsible by moving to a hybrid, or at least less of a gas guzzler. Or people nod in agreement when you tell them you have a growing family, so you need a van or an SUV.

But even if you don’t—that’s the beauty of charity car donations—you can legitimately feel good, knowing your dollars are going to a good cause! Check our “Causes” page to see the names of many of those we’ve aided through our system. http://www.ritewaycardonations.org/causes

We can help you find your match (not that kind of match—you’re on your own for that!), and with charity car auctions in Los Angeles the benefit reverberates to everyone involved.

We’ve handled thousands of pre-owned car sales in Los Angeles. Call us at 888-250-4490 and start shopping!

Are there RVs up for auction in L.A.? What about a motorcycle?

If you love “toys” like boats and bikes and motor homes, we’re with you! We do accept donations of boats, campers, golf carts—even quads, jet skis and Sea-Doos.

In addition to having a great inventory of cheap auction cars in L.A. we also have great deals on pre-owned golf carts, scooters, motorcycles and other vehicles you can see on a daily basis by appointment only. Just call us at 888-250-4490 and we’ll get it set up.puzzle your mission your cause

And don’t forget—if you’re selling a car you no longer need, you can provide for the needs of somebody else with a car donation through Riteway Car Donations.

Putting money into a non-profit is the icing on the cake. There’s a feast waiting for you at our weekly auctions! You’ll be pleased at the possibilities, and knowing we’re taking care of you, first by showing you the options at our car auction in Los Angeles, and second by giving you quality. Whichever end of it you’re on, dealing through us is a safe alternative to the others out there.

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