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Broadview, Inc. Christian Science Nursing Facility Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing Facility

To maintain the harmony of God’s order is a beautiful thing. And to comfort people as they cope with the pain of childbirth or to aid them in practical, spiritual healing is a privilege enjoyed by many of the nurses at Broadview Christian Science Nursing Facility. Using the wisdom of Mary Baker Eddy and her thorough interpretation of Scripture, many of those suffering receive a care that passes all understanding.

You can have a hand in doing God’s work when you donate a car to Broadview Christian Science Nursing through Riteway Charity Services.

Why donate your car to Broadview Christian Science Nursing?

Men, women and children – because we all live in the fallen world – at times suffer from problems that lead to feeling under the weather. And when you’re a Christian Scientist, you want nurses who care about you – body and soul.

pexels photo 601798Broadview offers caring to individuals in lovely, quiet rooms in the Los Angeles facility south of Pasadena, as well as meeting the needs of church members in their homes. It’s the loving support people need to get back on their feet again, bolstered by words of healing from fellow believers.

If you’re considering a change of vehicle, there’s a path for you to support these individuals with an auto donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing. It’s hard to believe a simple donation car can do so much good!

Do you usually make a trade with the car dealer? If you do, you may not be aware the amount of value lost with that kind of transaction. A dealer generally keeps 60-70% of your vehicle’s dollar value to re-sell it.

Are you used to selling it on AutoTrader or Craigslist? It’s alarming the kinds of situations you can get into when meeting up with strangers!

Let us help you. We have decades in this industry and we’re a family-run business helping thousands to devote the vehicle they no longer need to the cause of others.

Is it time to downsize? We often hear from retirees who are no longer carpooling or hauling heavy equipment when they’re choosing something much smaller to drive. Your car or truck donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing enables everyone to come out on top.

You get to replace your vehicle, while Broadview gets some resources, and you also get a tax write-off!

Do I get a car donation tax deduction when I donate my car to Broadview Christian Science Nursing?

Even if you never got anything in return, you’re happy to support the work of your Christian Science sisters and brothers. It’s your generosity that reminds you how important your choices are when it comes to sharing your resources.

This is where the added bonus comes in. Our process involves assessing donation cars to see if they need any changes.pexels photo 415380 That generally garners a larger sale price (typically 25-50% more), which is more money for Broadview and a greater tax advantage for you.

Do you have Stanislawsky & Harrison do your taxes? They can tell you, making a charity car donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing gives you that added bump – another write-off! Or if you do Turbo Tax, they walk you through the filing process.

Were you going to do a trade-in? (Hint: you don’t want to)

Seriously, studies show that you just get charged more for the car you’re buying! According to USC research, shoppers who brought a trade-in car are charged a higher price for the car they were buying. It’s because dealers assume the buyer doesn’t have a tight budget. 

Our decades of experience becomes plain to you throughout the donation process, as we not only handle the sale, we also handle all the paperwork, down to the title transfer. You will get everything required by the IRS, including IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

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What happens when I make a car charity donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing?

Our vehicle donation program is streamlined, so it’s very easy for you.

When you call us at Riteway Charity Services at 888-250-4490, or when you donate online, you schedule a pickup of your auto donation. Our towing expert interfaces with you and takes your donation vehicle to our technicians, where it is assessed for necessary changes.

pexels photo 54300When you hand us the keys, you’re free to go – to work, play, carpooling ... or to Crown City Motors or Rusnak for some shopping!

Do you dread the selling process? Most people do! There are so many steps, from prepping the car to waiting around for flaky buyers.

Vehicle donations to Broadview Christian Science Nursing through Riteway Charity Services will take on the sales process at no charge to you. And you get to reap the tax write-off as well. Remember - because our process includes checking over your donation car for possible improvements, we increase the chance of a higher deduction for you.

Can I donate a boat or make a golf cart donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing?

Are you a recreational vehicle family? Do you spend weekends at KOA campgrounds and the like? Well, whatever it is, from an Airstream to a Vanagon, Riteway Charity Services can process your RV donation to Broadview Christian Science Nurses. Even if it’s quads, Sea-Doos or jet skis you need to get rid of, let us know!

If you’ve got bigger watercraft you don’t seem to use, consider a boat donation to Broadview. If it’s just wiling away time floating in a slip somewhere, it may be time to rehome it with a boat donation to Broadview Christian Science Nursing.

Many of the 55-up retirement community puts a lot of miles on those golf carts. Are you one of them? If your little e-ride needs to be replaced, donate a golf cart to Broadview Christian Science Nursing.

If you’re dropping a wad on a monthly storage space, give some thought to cleaning it out. If you donate a motorcycle to Broadview Christian Science Nursing, it parlays the value of the vehicle into practical, faith-based counseling to those who need it. 

You’re generous and loving, and your faith community is too. Why don’t you join with them in comforting one another, especially when someone’s feeling poorly and needs help. You can be a vessel of rejuvenation and healing with a Broadview car donation through Riteway Charity Services. It’s a simple, but effective, form of ministering to others.

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